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  • Low-profile lunch with developers

Anna Afoichini 18 September 2017Tags: English, Development

Low-profile lunch with developers

Are you a software developer and interested in TOPdesk as a company to work for? Well we all need to eat, so why not join some of our software developers for a lovely lunch at our Delft office?

During this low-profile lunch our developers can tell you everything about our development process, our challenges and our future plans. It is a fun way to take a look behind the scenes of a software company and see if it's to your taste.

What are we going to do?

  • You will meet Anna or Wendy in our Delft office for a short acquaintance. They will introduce you to some of our developers.
  • You can then dive into a nice lunch buffet and find a spot together in our lunch room.
  • After lunch you get to tell us what you want to do: have a tour of the building? Get behind a computer with a developer to learn more about our development environment? Want to drink a cup of coffee with a developer who has specific knowledge about DevOps, continuous deployment, architecture, Lombok,…? Whatever you think is most interesting for you, that’s what we’ll do.
  • We end the meeting at HR with either Anna of Wendy. We like to hear your thoughts and will answers any remaining questions. Hopefully you'll leave TOPdesk with a lot of new energy and new information.

So, want to swing by for lunch or a cup of coffee?

Easy. Send a message to developerslunch@topdesk.com.
We will contact you!


Anna & Wendy

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