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Anna Afoichini 17 March 2016Tags: Development

Sollicitatieprocedure voor developers

De sollicitatieprocedure voor programmeurs bij TOPdesk is net iets anders dan de procedure voor andere vacatures. En daarom hebben we een filmpje gemaakt waarin we je persoonlijk vertellen wat we gaan doen.


Oh no! They speak Dutch!

Wendy and I wanted to give developers more information about the selection procedure. We wanted to test in an agile way whether a video is the best method for this. It was easiest for us to do this in our native language, Dutch. However, for everyone who cannot understand the video, we have described below what you can expect when you apply for a job as software developer at TOPdesk.

What happens with your application?

The video shows me and Wendy. We are the responsible HR persons for recruiting developers. When you apply for a development vacancy, one of us will look at your resume and letter. Together with one of our senior developers we will discuss your application’s content and your motivation. After that, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Invitation for an interview

If we are enthusiastic about your application, we will hold max. 2 interviews of about 1.5 hours with you. In these interviews you will meet one of us and a few software developers. Mutual introduction is key, but there will of course be some coding in both interviews! We believe it’s important that there is a good match between you and the organization. But we also want to learn more about your programming skills by giving you cases.

Both enthusiastic?

Are we still as enthusiastic after these two interviews as in the beginning? Then we would love for you to become our colleague!

First an orientation, then apply?

Are you not ready to apply for a job at TOPdesk yet? You can also come over for a low profile meeting. Developers are welcome to join us for a lunch to get to know TOPdesk. Read more about the lunch on our blog.


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